Welcome to Rooster's Crow Coffee Roastery! 


Our vision is to enhance your coffee experience while hinging on sweet, smooth, clean, and fresh.

At Rooster's Crow Coffee Roastery, we understand that coffee is more than a tool for staying awake. It is a gift from God and meant to be enjoyed!

We understand that everyone has a different flavor palatte. We are a custom roaster, and we love roasting all profiles (light, medium, and dark, and everything in between). Allow us to help you find the coffee that suits you. 

We believe in continual improvement, so we are in the pursuit of excellent coffees grown around the world.

At Rooster's Crow Coffee Roastery, we love coffee! Our passion is to reach into the 800 potential flavor notes that can be found in coffee cherries grown around the world.  Everyone knows that grapes can produce a wide range of flavors in wines. But the 200 potential flavor notes from grapes grown around the world pales in comparison to what coffee offers. Why do so few people know about this? One reason is because most coffee sold in the US is a blend. That can be a great thing, since blending complimentary flavors can be fantastic. But blending based on commercial concerns often destroys the unique flavors and results in a mediocre final product. Another reason is because many coffees are burned during the roasting process and then disguised with cream, sugar, and various flavor syrups. As a result, the real flavor of the coffee is often lost. Our passion is to show people how enjoyable coffee itself can be, either black or with just a little bit of cream.

We specialize in single origin coffees. We enjoy the special characteristics that each origin presents, with its unique soil, climate, altitude, care, and cultivation. We prefer high altitude arabic beans, although there are also some phenomenol robustas that we would enjoy roasting and selling in the future. 

We are just scratching the surface of our vision, and we hope to continue to expand and explore more quality coffees.

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